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Rs. 7,000 Rs. 10,000

Tirupati Balaji Statue in Brass (Venkateshvara) is a stunning depiction of Lord Venketeshwara with remarkable symmetry in its design. The pleats of the dhoti are meticulously portrayed in a perfectly balanced manner, adding to the visual harmony. Lord Venketeshwara is portrayed holding the Panchajanya conch and the Sudarshan Chakra, representing divine power and protection. The intricately designed crown showcases the regal aura of the deity. The statue captures Lord Venketeshwara in a standing position, emanating a sense of grace and majesty. With hands raised in a blessing gesture, the statue embodies benevolence and compassion. The prominent tilak on the forehead is distinctively characteristic of Lord Balaji, signifying his divine status and auspicious presence.

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