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Lord Murugan is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi, and commonly known as the “Tamil God” and is worshipped by Tamil communities throughout the world. Tamil sangam literature glorifies Murugan as the “Red God seated on a blue peacock, young and beautiful”. He is known by several names and the most common names are Skanda, Kumara, and Karthikeya. The brass statue depicts Lord Murugan standing on an inverted lotus pedestal with his vahana, the peacock standing behind him along with his consorts Deivanai and Valli. The peacock is always seen with its feet gripping onto a small serpent. Lord Murugan is seen with four hands, his front right hand shows Abhaya mudra, and his left hand is in Varada mudra. His rear right hand has a weapon called soola kathi( diamond shaped spear ), and his left hand has a trishul. The most powerful weapon of Lord Murugan is the sakthi Vel is placed diagonally to the statue. Deivanai and Valli are adorned with beautiful ornaments and clothing, and standing on an inverted lotus in a graceful posture, holding lotus flower in their hand. The details of the three statues with respect to their iconographical attributes best explains the fine workmanship by our artisans.

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