Sitting Shiva Parvati

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Lord Shiva with Parvati seated on the Kirtimukha Prabhawali Throne is a breathtaking representation in Hindu iconography. This intricate brass sculpture captures the divine union of the cosmic couple, radiating an aura of transcendent power and harmony. Lord Shiva, with his characteristic trident and matted locks, exudes an air of serene authority. Beside him, Parvati, the embodiment of strength and devotion, complements his presence with grace and maternal warmth. The elaborate Kirtimukha Prabhawali Throne, adorned with auspicious motifs, further elevates the regality of the scene. This sculpture not only celebrates the divine partnership of Shiva and Parvati but also symbolizes the eternal dance of creation, preservation, and transformation. It stands as a powerful representation of cosmic balance and the harmonious interplay of masculine and feminine energies in the Hindu pantheo

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