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In this brass rendition, Lord Hanuman, “the Immortal One” and “the SankatMochan (The remover of all sorrows and hurdles)”, stands poised on a pedestal, a celestial symphony of regality draped in divine splendour. His form, adorned with a royal crown, fragrant garland, and shimmering jewellery, emanates an eternal aura. Clad in a “Langot” and a cascading robe, Lord Hanuman, “also known as Anjaneya (The Son of Anjana)”, holds court with a mighty Mace (Gada) on his shoulder, while his right hand, in the “Abhaya Mudra”, showering blessings of fearlessness and courage upon his devotees. This majestic embodiment symbolises strength, protection, and unwavering devotion. Worshipping this divine manifestation bestows courage, dispels fear, and nurtures a profound connection with the indomitable spirit of Lord Hanuman, guiding one through life’s myriad challenges.

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